Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Woody Weingarten interviewed on 'Mosaic'

'Rollercoaster' author appears on half-hour KPIX-TV show you now can watch on YouTube

San Francisco's KPIX-TV turned a cliché on its head a short while back, so the new chestnut became "The early bird catches…the Woody."

How'd that happen?
Woody Weingarten (right) and Rose Barlow
appear on KPIX-TV's "Mosaic." 
Well, you see, it occurred because I, Woody Weingarten, was interviewed on the station's weekly program, "Mosaic," which airs when only bigwigs and insomniacs watch — at 5 o'clock in the morning on Sundays

Prime time for early birds, night owls and network execs.

The televised half-hour conversation was affably hosted by Rabbi Eric Weiss, who heads the Bay Area Jewish Healing Center and who at the same time spotlighted Rose Barlow, new executive director of San Rafael-based Zero Breast Cancer.

Unfortunately, only two of the show's four segments are available so far on YouTube, but you can catch them now by clicking first on https://goo.gl/0OO7le and then on https://goo.gl/wcuk5I.

If half a loaf is better than none, surely half a TV show must be better than none as well.

For those who are keeping score, I readily admit that Rose's much prettier than I am, and her native South African accent is much more alluring and ear-catching than my New Yawk intonations.

But we both come off well, I believe.

Actually, I think this is the best interview I've done so far, most likely due to Eric's soft but evocative questioning — aided by my perception that he was a perfect on-air audience, too, truly invested in learning more about the subject.

The most comprehensive quickie course about male caregiving, of course, is to read my new VitalityPress book, "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer."

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