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About VitalityPress

Our mission

We intend to publish only books that are of vital help to the public, written passionately by professionals who have a zest for life.

Why we exist

VitalityPress was established in 2014 to publish books the Manhattan giants won't touch because projected profits aren't sufficiently high — despite the significant benefits people might obtain from the texts.

Our first publication, "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer," is available now through bookstores everywhere in both hardcover and paperback — though it may take a while to get it. Although I especially want to support local, independent bookstores, let's be honest, it probably can be obtained more quickly in print or ebook format from Amazon.

Next up should be "MysteryDates®: How to find the sizzle in your relationship."

About Woody Weingarten

Woody and granddaughter a while back
I, Woody Weingarten, the author of "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner’s breast cancer" and the owner of VitalityPress, can’t remember a time when I couldn’t talk — or play with words.

My first poem was published when I was a high school junior. But, way back when my hormones had trumpeted that adulthood had arrived, I’d already decided I’d rather eat than create rhymes (or even blank verse).

So I switched to journalism.

And whadda ya know, I — a bearded, bespectacled fella — have used big, small and hyphenated words professionally since jumpstarting my career in New Yawk City 60 years ago. 

Today I'm a reviewer-critic and publisher — in what I consider a "faux retirement."

During my better-paid years as a wage slave, I was an executive editor and writer for daily and weekly publications in California, Florida, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York for more than five decades.

I won writing awards along the way for public service and investigative pieces, features, columns, editorials and news.

In collaboration with my wife, Nancy Fox, who’s now been free of breast cancer for more than 20 years, I've completed an original musical comedy, "Touching Up the Gray." 

It's a revue in search of a producer.

I, whose previous spouse died when her breast cancer spread to several vital organs, also have published weekly and monthly newspapers, and written a national column for "Audio" magazine.

A graduate of Colgate University, I owned a public relations/ad agency, managed an advertising publication, served as media liaison for  psychiatric hospital, directed a congressional primary campaign, and worked as a legislative aide.

The father of two and grandfather of three, I've lived in San Anselmo, California, for more than 30 years.

I figure I'll stay.

Unless, that is, “Rollercoaster” — which I've previously described as showing “how a pair of very-human beings overcame their anguish in the wake of relentless medical procedures” — suddenly is resurrected and becomes a bestseller and I'm forced to leave on a global book-signing tour with my wife.
No matter what, I'm sure our story can “illustrate that physical and psychological hurdles can be cleared, that strong relationships can help kill not only mutated cells but worries that metastasize.”

I'm certain, too, that male caregivers can benefit from reading “Rollercoaster” because, even if they mistakenly believe they require zero help and can fix anything, they, too, need support.

In the meantime, I can be befriended or followed on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn — or on this weblog.

Coming soon

We predict Vitality Press' next book will be innovative.

And sensational.

But not in the salacious sense.

Its working title is "MysteryDates®: How to find the sizzle in your relationship."

Nancy Fox is working with me, Woody Weingarten, her husband, as my editor. Together, we're creating a nonfiction volume based on more than three decades of playful, imaginative, fun dates each of us set up while our partner remained in the dark (once, however, a real blindfold turned the metaphor into a reality).

My book will spotlight anecdotes about our dates — which have ranged from an ultra-simple dinner-and-a-movie to the much more sneaky sleeper-car train ride to San Simeon to see Hearst Castle and the elephant seals that were beached and birthing near the Piedras Biancas lighthouse.

Yet "MysteryDates®" also will feature — after years of research — so much more, including experiences we have yet to (and may never) do.

Such as bunjee-jumping or skydiving, or MysteryDates way beyond our pay grade (jetting to Paris for a Friday evening supper in a hideaway bistro or rocketing to the moon).

But check out some of the chapter titles: Romance, intimacy, sex; Endless possibilities; Almost perfect; Quirky; Parades, festivals, fairs; For poorer and richer; Dress-up; One-of-a-Kind; and Discovery.

Nancy, of course, is the heroine of my first book, "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer."

She not only survived the disease but is thriving more than 20 years later.

Now, she's lending her creative input to "MysteryDates®"

I'm thrilled.

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