Monday, March 9, 2015

CBS feature highlights male caregiver's book

Radio spots help to promote 'Rollercoaster,' its caregiving author, men's support group 

KCBS afternoon news co-anchor Jeff Bell certainly is able to cram a lot into 90 seconds.

That's what I found out Sunday when I listened to his Adversity 2 Advocacy spots on the radio station.

The feature, which was repeated three times on both AM and FM, effectively digested a 15-minute interview Jeff did with me, Woody Weingarten, about my being a longtime caregiver for my wife, about my running a support group for two decades (Marin Man to Man), and about my writing a new VitalityPress book ("Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer").

If you missed the KCBS broadcasts, you need only click on to hear what Jeff created.

if you haven't already, you can read gobs of related material on my weblog. And if that still doesn't satisfy your needs (I hope it doesn't), and you want to help me help others, you can order my book from your favorite bookstore or Amazon.

Or, as a last resort, from me at VitalityPress or at

Jeff provided me with my first minute and a half of fame. Now he, God, the ghost of Andy Warhol or someone apparently owes me 13-1/2 more.

I'm waiting — patiently.

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