Friday, March 13, 2015

Bookstores anywhere can get 'Rollercoaster'

'Rollercoaster' is selling here, there, everywhere — from Thailand to Mass. to Marin 

Woody, stocking bookstore.
I just filled an order for five copies of "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer" that will be placed in libraries in Bangkok, Thailand.

Another copy has been on display in a bookstore's front window in Northampton, Massachusetts, as part of a monthlong exhibit by The Cancer Connection, a nonprofit that offers free services for patients, caregivers and families — to help them "learn how to cope with their changed lives and bodies and emotional turmoil."

I know, too, that several folks who still live in Detroit, Michigan, the hometown of my wife, Nancy Fox, heroine of my book, have ordered it.

Copies likewise are being sold at the Paris Green boutique shop in Ashland, Oregon, famed home of the Shakespeare festival and what's become the country's largest repertory company.

And, in my adopted home county of Marin in California, "Rollercoaster" is available in lots of places: Book Passage in Corte Madera, Copperfield's in San Rafael, Whyte's Booksmith in San Anselmo, Diesel in Larkspur Landing.

Obviously the book, to borrow once again from the Beatles, is "here, there and everywhere."

And I, Woody Weingarten, am thrilled to report that "Rollercoaster" can be ordered from just about any bookstore in your area, wherever that might be (just tell 'em to get it through IngramSpark or Baker & Taylor).

Can't afford to buy it?

Reading copies are available at cancer care units at Marin General Hospital's or Kaiser Permanente in Terra Linda — or the San Anselmo Library.

You can help get my message out by suggesting that your local hospital — or oncologist, radiologist or surgeon — keep a copy in sight for caregivers or patients to peruse. They, too, can order through IngramSpark or Baker & Taylor.

Or Amazon.

plea and my motto seem to be merging into one phrase: Help me help others. 


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