Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Author sets in-person bookstore appearance

'Rollercoaster' author plans 'meet-and-greet' in San Rafael Copperfield's — his first ever

I'm going to do my first-ever “meet-and-greet” book-signing this Saturday, Feb. 28, at Copperfield’s bookstore in San Rafael, California.

You'll find a cheery me, Woody Weingarten, at a table at 850 4th St. between 1:30 and 3:30 p.m. chatting up my new VitalityPress book, "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer."

“I’d appreciate it if everyone I know would drop by if only to say hello and offer support,” I told myself in a mock interview I conducted.

"And if some of you want to offer even more support by buying the book (and having me personally inscribe it), that would be a bonus."

“Rollercoaster” is aimed at caregivers. It’s a hybrid — a chronicle-memoir, a love story, and a guide to research, meds and where to find help.

The book tracks a caregiver’s bumpy yet uplifting journey from the depths of a wife’s diagnosis to the heights of our climbing the Great Wall of China. It illustrates that most couples can successfully deal with the disease itself, “slash, poison and burn” treatments, fear, and the repercussions of it all — and that there truly can be light at the end of the tunnel.

On this very weblog I've noted there are 35 million caregivers in the United States. My mostly tongue-in-cheek hope is that, over the course of time, I can sell at least one copy of “Rollercoaster” to each of them.

For anyone who might not yet know, I've been an award-winning professional newspaper editor and writer for 50 years, and have run a support group for male caregivers for two decades. I've also been the recipient of two “healing partner” awards. 

Come to Copperfield's in San Rafael and help me help others.

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