Friday, December 12, 2014

Book on male caregiving wins readers' praise

Reviewers give 'Rollercoaster' five stars, say it's 'frank,' 'eloquent' and a 'must read'

Readers are giving "Rollercoaster: How a man can survive his partner's breast cancer" — the new VitalityPress book I, Woody Weingarten, wrote about being a male caregiver — five-star ratings, and calling it a "must read."

On Amazon, for example, certified retirement life coach Gloria Dunn labels it "a love story written…charmingly with both wit and compassion. If you only read one book about a couple going through the cancer process together, this is a must read."

"Black Blender" writes that it's a "terrific book on a neglected subject."

And Georgia McDaniel, one of my wife's "chemo-sitters" and a current breast cancer patient herself, writes that she "appreciated the insertion of various statistics or results from studies to punctuate a particular point."

Leah Garchik
Leah Garchik, a daily columnist for the San Francisco Chronicle, notes that I've "written a memoir, an instructional guide, a journal of emotions…Anyone who has suffered through watching a loved one face possible mortality will find succor here."

Callie Raab, herself an author, writes she found the book "surprisingly frank, eloquent, moving, and enlightening…and a powerful reason for others in a similar situation to hope."

And on the Goodreads website, Fran French, a medical professional, concurs: "I laughed, cried and felt totally immersed in the words and feelings Woody Weingarten expressed. A must read."

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